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Introduction To Fortran Programming Course

Course Overview

This Hands on Course provides a comprehensive introduction to Fortran Programming, and builds a solid foundation of skills to progress on to the more advanced courses.

Delegates should have experience of programming in any language. Experience with the command line interface to the host computer.


Delegates should understand the principles of programming.

Topics covered

Brief history of the Fortran language (Fortran 77, 90, 95, 2003, 2008)

    Integer, real and character data types

      Computer arithmetic and precision


          Whole array processing

            Dynamic arrays

              I/O and file handling

                Intrinsic and user defined functions

                  The remaining Fortran intrinsic data types, character, logical and complex

                    Control structures

                      Introduction to modules


                          Modules for defining numeric precision (kind type parameters)

                            Modules for global data

                              Introduction to derived (user define) types

                                Introduction to pointers

                                  Course ID: PTR56