IBM DB2 UDB Overview for Programmers Course

This course is no longer included in our schedule. It may still be available as a closed course, or there may be a more up to date alternative. Please contact a member of our sales team (Email: or Call: 0118 979 4000) for further advice.

Course Overview

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This course is for programmers who are writing applications to run on a DB2 database server. The course allows you to get a better understanding of the basic way in which the server works and how this may affect the performance of your application. The database server architecture and many important features relevant to programmers are described. You will also look at the structure of tables, indexes and what can be done to ensure data is entered correctly.


- Previous programming experience using DB2
- Use of Unix file system and vi editor - basic vi commands only are necessary
- Knowledge of SQL

Topics covered

Database server architecture

Database design

Database Tables, Views, Indexes and Constraints

Data maintenance utilities: Reorgchk, Reorg and Runstats

Query optimization (including Explain plans)

Static and dynamic SQL

Locking and concurrency

Stored procedures and triggers

Course ID: PTR351