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    Informix System Administration Course

    This course is no longer included in our schedule. It may still be available as a closed course, or there may be a more up to date alternative. Please contact a member of our sales team (Email: or Call: 0118 979 4000) for further advice.

    Course Overview

    This course is intended for Informix Dynamic Server and Informix Dynamic Server.2000 system administrators. Delegates will learn how to configure, initialize and administer one or more database servers, configure and test client connectivity and manage memory and disk usage.


    An understanding of the UNIX operating system and the vi editor (basic commands only). A knowledge of relational database design and Informix SQL to the levels covered in the Relational Database Design and Informix SQL Part 1 courses respectively. Experience of UNIX administration would also be beneficial.

    Topics covered

    System architecture and configuration

      Mode management

        Monitoring utilities

          Disk architecture and management

            Server operations: caching, checkpoints

              Fault tolerance

                Log management

                  Indexing, sorting, and temporary tables

                    Parallel Data Query (PDQ)

                      Event alarms

                        Overview of the Exchange 2000 Design Process

                        • Exchange 2000 Product Overview
                        • Determining What Version of Exchange 2000 is Installed
                        • Overview of Basic Exchange 2000 Design Steps
                        • Reviewing Case Studies and Determining Your Server and DomainNames

                        Backup and restore process

                          Designing Active Directory for Exchange 2000

                          • Exchange 2000 Integration with Active Directory
                          • Viewing Exchange Data in the Active Directory
                          • Designing Active Directory for Exchange 2000
                          • Reviewing the Superflex Active Directory Logical Structure
                          • Listing and Creating Global Catalog Servers
                          • Assigning Your Account the New UPN Suffix
                          • Planning Active Directory Groups for Exchange2000
                          • Reviewing the Superflex Inc. Group Structure

                          The Ontape utility

                            Introduction to ON-Bar

                              Designing an Exchange 2000 Administrative Model

                              • Exchange 2000 Administrative Models
                              • Determining an Administrative Model for Superflex Inc.
                              • Administrative Model Design Considerations
                              • Analyzing the Superflex Case Study for Growth
                              • Designing Administrative Group Boundaries for Task Management
                              • Determining Administrative Group Boundaries for SuperflexInc.
                              • Delegating Administrative Control
                              • Delegating Permissions for the Superflex Administrative Model

                              Course ID: PTR19