Informix SQL Part 2 Course

This course is no longer included in our schedule. It may still be available as a closed course, or there may be a more up to date alternative. Please contact a member of our sales team (Email: or Call: 0118 979 4000) for further advice.

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This course covers some of the more complex options in SQL querying such as outer joins, self-joins and correlated subqueries. The effects of transaction logging and SQL transactions will be examined. You will look at the query plans created by the optimiser and use them to understand how the query is performed. You will learn how to use optimiser directives available in Informix Dynamic Server. You will be introduced to cursors, stored procedures and triggers. Extensive hands-on experience will be provided. The course will provide you with some ideas of analysing and improving the performance of queries.


Delegates should have attended the Relational Database Design and Informix SQL Part 1 courses or have equivalent knowledge.

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