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Whether it is designing and building an enterprise-wide Business Intelligence platform & strategy, or enhancing end-user productivity with straightforward reporting solutions, PTR's BI Experts can help you find the right tool for the job, and make sure you get the most out of your data.

We are a Microsoft Data Partner and specialise in Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft SQL Server BI Stack

Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI

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Power BI is an online service where you can easily create dashboards, capture important data and share reports that are important to you. Find out more about Power BI here.

Our Power BI Consultancy service can help from start to finish of your Power BI journey, or we will happily support and assist you at whatever stage you need help.

Building a Power BI solution is so much more than designing a pretty visuals. Importing, Integrating and Preparing your business data so that it is fit for purpose and ready for reporting on is a critical part of the Power BI solution. Data often needs to be pulled in from a variety of modern and legacy systems and often needs reshaping to make it work for you.,It will need to be profiled, cleansed and transformed, possibly merged, concatenated or split to ensure that you have a reliable and quality data set to take forward to the building of your data visualisations.

Once the data has been cleansed and prepared the tabular data modelling task starts, where you pull your quality cleansed data sets in and build relationships between them in readiness for filtering and designing key business measures and hierarchies.

With a well designed Tabular Model you are ready to build report and dashboard visuals.

The PTR Power BI Consultancy service can be tailored to your needs so do give us a call.

Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL Server Business Intelligence Stack contains a multitude of powerful tools and services such as Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Integration Services (SSIS) to help you gain maximum insight from the untapped wealth of your data.

Our SQL Server Consultancy Service can help you at any stage of your SQL Server Business Intelligence project development. 

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