Here you can find a selection of guides and top tips, predominantly based on questions that have been asked in the classroom.  Take a look at our blog for more Top Tips and items of interest.


SQL Server Tips & Examples

Plain text icon SQL Query - Day of the week for 1st and last day of month

PDF icon Business Benefits From Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Solutions

Plain text icon SQL Query - Week number of order date and last day and weekday of orders month

Plain text icon SQL Query - Calculate age of employee

Plain text icon SQL Query - Difference between 2 dates in years, months and days

PDF icon SQL SSRS - Export to Excel With Each Region on a Separate Named Worksheet

PDF icon SQL SSRS - Repeat Page Headers On Every Page

PDF icon SQL SSRS - Working With Charts

PDF icon SQL Server Audit & Security - Password & Privlege Checking

PDF icon SQL Server & Virtualisation

PDF icon SQL Server SQL CROSS APPLY Statement

Plain text icon Top Queries IO Usage

Plain text icon Request & Session Resource Usage

Plain text icon SQL Server - Display Details of Automatic File Growths

Plain text icon SQL - Display List of Indexes With Columns

PDF icon SQL Server - Create Detail from Summary Data

PDF icon SQL Server Aggregate Functions and OVER

PDF icon SQL Server EXECUTE Statement With RESULT SET Clause


Microsoft Excel Tips & Examples

PDF icon Excel Time Savers

PDF icon Excel Function Keys

PDF icon Excel - Using INDIRECT Functions

PDF icon Excel - Using COUNTIFS Function

PDF icon Working With Dates in Excel

PDF icon Excel Conditional Formatting

PDF icon Freezing Panes


PDF icon Powerpivot - Business Intelligence For All

PDF icon Excel Week & Working Day Counts


Microsoft Word Tips & Examples

PDF icon Microsoft Word Top Tips

PDF icon Word Keyboard Shortcuts


Oracle Tips & Examples

Plain text icon Extracting Words in Oracle

Plain text icon Extracting Last Word in Oracle


VBA Tips & Examples

PDF icon MDX Ranking & Ordering

PDF icon VBA Functions in MDX Scripts

PDF icon VBA Integer Arithmetic Problem

PDF icon Excel VBA Row & Region Selection Tips