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This course is aimed at data warehouse and business intelligence designers, implementers and managers, but will also serve as a good basis for business and data analysts who will be involved in working with data warehouses and business intelligence deployments. All individuals who will be involved in some element of working with a data warehouse will benefit from gaining an understanding of the dimension modelling concepts that influence the final design of a data warehouse.

Delegates will be introduced to the basic terminology and concepts of a Kimball based Data Warehouse architecture. The course covers Dimension Modelling Techniques introducing the basics of Fact Tables, Dimension Tables, Dimension Hierarchies and more.

Case studies are used throughout to demonstrate the concepts taught and to introduce the need for some of the more advanced modelling techniques such as Factless Tables, Enterprise Data Warehouse Bus Architecture, handling Slowly Changing Dimensions and Snapshots, Bridge Tables, Recursive Hierarchies.

As well as introducing the concepts and terminology of the data warehouse design delegates will learn about the design cycle and processes, the ETL requirements and processes and ensuring that the model is fit for both current and future business requirements.

This course is generic, but use of SQL Server and its business intelligence service and tools (DBMS, SSIS, SSAS and SSRS) will allow for some hands on elements of data warehouse design to be carried out to re-enforce concepts.
This course can be followed by the SQL Server Business Intelligence courses to address the implementation of a data warehouse, multidimensional cube and reporting deployment in a SQL Server environment: (SSAS) SQL Server Analysis Services, (SSIS) SQL Server Integration Services, (SSRS) SQL Server Reporting Services.


Delegates should have an understanding of relational database design and be familiar with a database management system such as SQL Server or Oracle.


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