Cloud Productivity with Microsoft Office 365

We don’t need to tell you how much the world of work has changed. Mobility and connectivity have been game changers – and to ensure your business makes the most of the benefits these bring, you need to ensure you use a platform that allows you and your colleagues to connect and collaborate seamlessly, whatever your location.

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution bringing together productivity tools, security, and device management. It enables you to bring your business fully to the cloud delivering the best that Microsoft has to offer to run and grow your business.

With Microsoft 365, you can stay connected and in sync. You can connect with people via email, instant messaging and online meetings as well as accessing and editing files – even while switching among devices. And all the time your information is kept safe and your staff protected.

But there’s a lot to Microsoft 365 - and choosing the right configuration of product isn’t always straightforward. That’s where we step in. For more than 20 years, PTR has been working with businesses like yours to accurately identify your business requirements before proposing the right solution. What’s more, we’ll stick with you to ensure a smooth transition and to get you the best outcome for your business. Call us now to book an appointment to review your options – and help your business take off.

Find out more by watching Office 365 demos here.