1 Days

In this course, you will gain a foundational understanding of the basic functionality in Excel 2016. You will begin by navigating the Excel 2016 environment. From there, you will perform the basic tasks associated with creating and saving Excel worksheets and exploring the Help system. You will use formulas and functions to perform calculations in your worksheets, and you will modify worksheets by manipulating cells and data, by searching for and replacing data, and by checking for spelling errors. You will format worksheets and prepare them for printing. You will also begin working with larger workbooks that contain multiple worksheets. Finally, you will customize how Excel behaves to more closely meet your needs.
This course is intended for people who want to gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Office Excel 2016 that is necessary to create and develop worksheets.

Delegates will need to be familiar with using personal computers and should have experience using a keyboard and mouse. Before starting this course, delegates should be comfortable in the Windows 8 environment, and be able to use Windows 8 to manage information on their computers. Specific tasks the delegates should be able to perform include: launching and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders.

Wokingham - £275.00
Wokingham - £275.00
Wokingham - £275.00
Wokingham - £275.00