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Craving the latest enterprise-grade skills without budget and travel constraints?

Introducing Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand) blend video, text, hands-on labs and knowledge checks to help you build your Microsoft technology skills—on your own schedule, at your own pace and in your own place. No need to spend time and money travelling to a classroom location or adhering to classroom hours—with a computer and an Internet connection, your Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand come to you, any time.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are created by the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies:Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and subject matter experts.With Microsoft-authored, high-quality, accurate content, successfully completing a MOC On-Demand gives you solid credentials as you grow your IT skills—and your career.

Direct-from-the-source content that includes hands-on training—which increases skill proficiency—combined with anytime, anywhere learning, makes Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand an ideal solution for busy, time-constrained professionals.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand

HD Videos

Four types of videos designed by a team of experts help ensure that you absorb everything you need to learn in order to succeed.

Hands-On Labs

Enhanced hands-on labs mean you get your hands in real scenarios, solve problems and learn by doing. No more watching, reading and then hoping you remember. Plus, our snapshot save feature enables you to start and stop as needed.


Experts are at your disposal 24/7. No more scouring the Internet for what might be an answer. When you have a question, expect instant and informed feedback.


These courses are stamped with Microsoft’s approval, so you can trust that this official content is worthy of your time. These courses don’t just scrape the surface with supplemental material. They are full training courses.


Confirm that your new skills are sticking with Knowledge Checks planted throughout each course. If you aren’t grasping a topic, you’ll know. Then you can take the time to nail it before moving on.

Purchase Options

  • Total Access Collection List Price - £2,495.00
  • 365 Day Duration.
  • Any customer who purchases our total access collection will be provided with 1 years access from purchase to every MOC OD course title released or will release within the MOC OD Portfolio.


  • 4 Course Bundle List Price - £1,495.00
  • 360 Day Duration.
  • The 4 Course Bundle offering allows customers to choose from any available MOC OD course titles within our Portfolio and purchase them as a bundle. As of purchase the customer will have 1 year to work through the course content at their own pace, in order to gain Microsoft Knowledge and certification should they wish to take the applicable exams. If the customer was looking to gain certification then it would make sense for them to select the appropriate courses within the bundle in order to achieve this.
  • Please be aware that this offering provides 90 Days access for the client to each course titles. If the delegate chooses to activate all 4 courses titles at the same time then the full MOC OD Duration will be limited to 90 Days. Our advice is that they activate one title at a time to allow themselves to have the full 360 days to work through all the content.


  • Single Course Title List Price - £449.00
  • 90 Day Duration.
  • The single course title offering provides customers with official Microsoft course content for any 1 specific course title that they choose from our current MOC OD Portfolio. They will have 90 days from purchase in order to complete the self-paced training.

What will you receive?

All MOC OD courses come fully equipped with Official Microsoft course materials, Labs, the ability to message a qualified trainer with any specific questions the delegate may have as well as a technical assistance mail box should they experience any technical issues with the product. 

Sample the experience with a demo

Register for a free trial subscription. Your free trial will provide you with access to selected content from Microsoft Total Access so you can see for yourself how effective it could be for you. 

Videos – Watch three modules from three different Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand
Labs – Complete an orientation lab in the same environment you’ll use for the hands-on live labs
Knowledge Checks – Sample end-of-module-assessments

To register for your free demo or to ask for any other details, please send us an email to