Train your users on Office 365 with a subscription to our online video portal, with hundreds of one-minute videos showing you how to do everything and anything on Office 365.

We have even created Learning Paths to guide users through the content, so they make the most of the portal.

365 Cloud Academy Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to a video portal.
  • Dedicated and branded personal portals available
  • Portals contain:

    • 50+ webinars covering all areas of Office 365
    • 100’s of Hints & Tips, minute long ‘How to’ videos on Office 365
  • Weekly emails of video of the week to make sure your staff make the most of the training
  • Recommended timetable learning.

Not Just a Training Tool.

Been on a course and months later forgotten how to, because you haven’t had to use that function since the course?

Instead of calling the already hassled support staff, use the Portal as your support.

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