5 Days

This instructor led course is designed for System administrators that have experience working with the tools and techniques of Windows PowerShell, as covered by our PowerShell for Microsoft Windows Course, and are looking to extend those skills. Exploring workflow, reinforcing best practices, learning about script development and gaining the skills to build reusable tools. The course focuses on the concepts and techniques of the Windows PowerShell scripting language, but will develop skills that would also be relevant and useful to those IT professionals managing other Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint and SQL Server, Windows Active Directory Domain Services and Microsoft Cloud offerings, such as Azure and Office 365.

Delegates attending this course should have prior knowledge and experience of working in the Windows PowerShell environment and be comfortable running complex interactive commands, but need not have any prior programming or scripting experience.

Wokingham - £2,345.00
Wokingham - £2,345.00