Dynamic Dashboards and Reports - Supply Chain Analysis

Integrating Data To Present Critical Business KPIs

Building trustworthy, integrated, one truth, suites of financial reports and dashboards for the Retail world can be incredibly challenging as data must often be collated and related from many different applications and data sources. PTR work with clients to pull their data from many different on-premise and cloud server based systems such as Oracle, Dynamics, SAP, SQL Server as well as more personal data sources such as Excel workbooks, to create a central repository of quality, related data from which we build customised, client specific dashboards to assist with timely and well-informed business decisions.

Dynamic Dashboards and Reports - Financial Analysis

PTR the go to choice for Financial Dashboard & Reporting Solutions

Businesses face many challenges when trying to build trustworthy, one truth, suites of financial reports and dashboards as data must be integrated from many different sources. PTR work with many clients who struggle with building accurate dashboards refelcting key performance metrics such as profitability, cash flow, budget variance and so on, because their data is spread across the likes of Sage, Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, Excel workbooks. We help to bring all of that data together as single quality data source and then build tailored dashboards to reflect the KPIs that are most important and relevant to their business.

Wessex Water - Regular Office & Bespoke Advanced Excel Training

PTR the go to choice for Wessex Water's training needs

PTR have been delivering scheduled, closed and tailored training, floor walking and consultancy services in Microsoft Office and SharePoint technologies to Wessex Water for 5 years.

QBE Insurance - SSRS, Data Modelling & Training

QBE Insurance

PTR help QBE Insurance’s Risk Solution Team fulfil their data analytic ambitions

When QBE Insurance invested in their QRisk system (SSRS data models with client risk exposure and risk improvement data), they turned to PTR for training on how to maximise their new management information and data analytic capabilities.