2 Days

The Relational Databases & Data Modelling Overview course is designed to give delegates practical experience in data modelling using entity relationship diagrams & data normalisation, also in designing relational databases using the normalised entity model. Both entity modelling and data normalisation form core elements of this course. Delegates are not expected to have any prior knowledge of systems analysis or databases, and the course includes a brief introduction to the principles of systems analysis.

This course will benefit developers moving into the area of relational databases who need an understanding of the principles and logic of the relational database; programmers who are to start programming in SQL and need to know the principles on which it is built; programmers who need to understand entity modelling and normalization; analysts needing a knowledge of entity modelling and entity relationship diagrams and any others who need to know the principles of relational analysis and data modelling but do not need a complete systems analysis course.

An understanding of Information Technology concepts and computer terms is required.

Wokingham - £995.00