3 Days

The Linux Apache Web Server Administration course is aimed at technical staff who will be responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining Apache Web Servers in a Linux or UNIX environment. The course addresses the evolution of Apache Web Server technology, as well as how to build, install, and configure Apache. Web-related issues such as authentication, dynamic Web content and virtual hosting/administration are included, as are Apache system performance issues (e.g., logging systems, firewalls, and proxies).

The course will be run on a Linux platform, but it is suitable for all UNIX based deployments.

Although being run in a Linux environment, delegates who will be supporting Apache Web services in a Windows environment will also benefit from this course as most configuration is carried out through editing of configuration files.

The course covers Apache versions from Apache 1.3 to Apache 2.4.

Delegates will need to have experience of using a UNIX or Linux system at the command line. They will need to be familiar with the UNIX/Linux file system and basic file manipulation commands and will benefit from a basic knowledge of the VI editor.

Wokingham - £1,295.00
Wokingham - £1,295.00