3 Days

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language and as such the Python training needs of programmers will vary quite greatly. The extensive nature of Python, through availability of standard library and community contributed packages, provides for integration of many different environments, but all Python Training will need to start with the basics of the Python language and an introduction to the key features of Python Programming.

This Python course provides an introduction to Python programming and the core libraries providing the base functionality. You will learn everything from base data types, operators and expressions through to object orientation, database usage, modules and more.

Delegates should have experience with another programming language and have a basic background in programming and knowledge of programming principals as covered by PTR's Fundamentals of Computer Programming Course.

Wokingham - £1,495.00
Wokingham - £1,495.00
Wokingham - £1,495.00
Wokingham - £1,495.00