5 Days

The objective of this course is to provide senior database analysts, developers or database administrators with a good understanding of SQL Server Architecture and Query Performance so that applications and their supporting environment can be tuned for optimal performance.

The course will provide delegates with the knowledge required to size, plan, monitor, tune and troubleshoot a SQL Server application for either a OLTP live environment or a OLAP data warehousing environment. Everything from Operating System & SQL Server service tuning through to query and index tuning will be covered. It is a hands on course with performance and analysis tools being put to use throughout.

Delegates will learn how to capture and analyse performance data to enable troubleshooting of performance problems using tools such as Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler, Extended Events and Dynamic Management Views. They will learn how to interpret query execution plans to determine where the cause of bottlenecks lies and how to tune the queries for best performance.

Covers all versions from SQL Server 2005 through to SQL Server 2016.

Delegates should have extensive experience with SQL Server 2005 or later, and should have a querying knowledge level equivalent to that provided by the PTR Advanced SQL Server Database Querying and Transact SQL Programming Courses. A grasp of the basic SQL Server administration processes is also required.

Wokingham - £1,495.00
Wokingham - £1,495.00