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The idea of a Data Warehouse as a centralised repository of your business data is a simple one. Designing and building a Data Warehouse, though, is anything but simple. Get it wrong, and you have an expensive digital ornament. Get it right, and you have a robust, reliable platform to provide a coherent picture of your business at any point to help you gain invaluable insights.

We are a Microsoft Data Partner and a Cloud Solutions Provider, and our consultants have decades experience working with data of all shapes and sizes. We can help you get it right and ensure that you and your users get the most out of your data.

Assessment & Advice

First things first, we talk to you and your stakeholders to thoroughly establish where you are, and where you are going. And the conversation continues, even after implementation. We don’t just leave you to it – we stick around to make sure your business gets the results it needs.

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Your Existing Data & Your Targets

Combining Data From Multiple Sources

Cleansing & Improving Data Quality

Historical Data & Archiving

Rapidly Changing & Real-Time Data

Performance Issues

And Much More

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 Data Platform - On-Premise or in the Cloud

It's vital that your Data Platform is reliable, scalable, available and accessible. Microsoft Azure provides an enormous range of Data Storage, Modelling and Analysis tools that we can help you with.  But the cloud isn't right for everyone and, if your business fits in that category,  we also have years of experience working with On-Premise SQL Server solutions.

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Azure Data Warehouse options in the cloud

On-Premise SQL Server Solutions

Maintaining & Refreshing Data

Additional Data Platforms - e.g. Oracle, DB2, Informix, MySQL

And Much More

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Analysis & Insight

Get the most out of your data by modelling and interrogating it effectively. SQL Server Analysis Services provides Enterprise class Relational and Multi-Dimensional Data Modelling, whilst Azure Analysis Services brings the power of the Relational Model to the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

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Azure Analysis Services in the Cloud

SQL Server Analysis Services On-Premise

Designing & Developing Effective Data Models

Querying & Analysing Data - T-SQL, MDX, DAX, R

Big Data, Machine Learning & AI

And Much More

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