1 Days

This course is intended to give delegates an overview of what SQL Server Business Intelligence is all about and how Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS) and Power BI might benefit their organisation.

It will offer an introduction to each of the four services which contribute towards the SQL Server Business Intelligence Solutions, introducing features in all versions up to and including the latest SQL server 2017, and through demonstrations will show each service in action. By the end of the course delegates will have an insight into the role of business intelligence, will be able to identify whether it has a place in their organisation's data management solutions and will be able to identify which of the services they require.

This course serves as a good lead in to the more hands-on and specialist courses aimed at configuring and maintaining SSIS, SSAS,SSRS, Power BI; and creating, deploying, sharing and securing SSIS packages, OLAP Cubes, Tabular Models, SSRS & Power BI Reports & Dashboards.

This course is ideally suited to anyone who wishes to know a bit more about SQL Server's Business Intelligence services: Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), and Power BI.

It would suit IT management or Data Management/Data Analyst decision makers who would like to understand what SQL Server Business Intelligence can offer their organisation, the role of each of the three services and how they could implement all or some of them to satisfy their data analysis and reporting needs.

It would also suit any individuals who may need to work with these services, but would like to get an overview of what each service does and how they work together before moving on to in depth and specific training.

Wokingham - £415.00
Wokingham - £415.00
Wokingham - £415.00
Wokingham - £415.00