Technical IT Training The Way You Need It

PTR specialises in Technical IT Training, predominantly instructor-led classroom training, but also offering a range of online courses. 

We pride ourselves on being different from many training companies. We listen to your training needs and match the most suitable and effective training content and methods to your requirement. 

We offer a comprehensive range of public scheduled courses for you to choose from, but we are always happy to discuss tailoring these for you. Our clients are extremely important to us and we do everything we can to work together to put together a training program that is an exact match for your needs.

PTR is a small, family owned and run business with a training centre in Wokingham, Berkshire.

  • We are vendor independent
  • We have a wealth of technical expertise and experience
  • We have a wide and varied library of course materials to construct off the shelf and bespoke training programs from
  • We have the flexibility to be able to react quickly to your needs
  • We can run one to one courses for those who prefer to work at their own pace
  • We rarely cancel courses and can offer guaranteed course dates
  • We can add new course dates to suit your needs
  • We can deliver all of our courses on your site of you prefer
  • Our instructors are on hand to talk to you about your training needs and advise on course content
  • We offer post course support to help when you get back to work

Core curriculum areas include:

  • Databases & Business Intelligence
  • Linux & Unix
  • Windows
  • Networking & Security
  • Programming & Development
  • Internet & Web Development
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • ITIL & Service Management

Read on to learn more…….

Training Designed For You

Due to our vendor independent status we are not tied to any specific training materials or certification tracks. We can provide training in any form you choose.

    We offer you:

    • A course designed by you with the help of our instructors
    • A course delivered when you want it and where you want it
    • A course delivered how you want it - all at once or bite size
    • A course delivered just to your company employees
    • A class size of your choice - one to one, small groups, large groups
    • A course delivering exactly what your staff and business needs
    • More for your time and money!

    Here are some examples of how we have tailored training solutions for our clients:

    • Courses delivered to shift workers that ran from 6am to 2pm.
    • Created and delivered technology overview courses in areas such as Business Intelligence
    • Created completely new courseware around client needs
    • Provided skills needs analysis and one to one bespoke training to members of a departmental team 
    • Delivered a 3 day course as 1 day sessions over 3 weeks, a 5 day course in three parts
    • Combined training in database performance & tuning with workshops based on client databases and performance issues
    • Fast tracked 2 day courses into 1
    • Created custom Microsoft Office courses around employee job requirements
    • Provided entire onsite classroom setups with laptops, networks, projectors, whiteboards
    • Rewritten courseware to take into account company software and processes
    • Training combining several courses
    You could more than half the training hours and costs required to provide your team with required skills by tailoring course content to their specific needs.

    When you take into account the cost of man hours for those traveling to and sitting on lengthy training courses and all those travel and overnight expenses, along with the fact that your staff are also on hand to attend to work matters during breaks if that is what you wish, you win on every count!

      Closed Courses

      Would you prefer to have a course just for you own staff? That would be perfectly OK. We can put a course on especially for you and your colleagues at a time that suits you and in a place that suits you. We can run it on your premises or at our own training premises (where you will get the  benefit of a purpose designed training centre, refreshments and a restaurant lunch).

      Tailored Bespoke Training

      If our standard courses are not quite what you are looking for that's not a problem. Let us put a tailored bespoke course together for you? We are always happy to discuss your specific training needs and help to create a custom designed courses that fits with your business needs. To summarise we can:

      • Identify training needs
      • Help plan the training content
      • Carry out training needs analysis for you staff
      • Develop new training content and materials
      • Combine several courses
      • Mix and match topics from different courses
      • Split courses over several sessions

      Onsite Training

      All of our training can be delivered on your site or at our training premises. Onsite Training can be more cost effective for you.

      One To One Training

      All of our training can be delivered on a one to one basis or as a group. One To One training enables you to learn at your own pace.

      Training Just For You!

      We go out of our way to mould our training to your needs.

      • If your goal is to pass exams we can ensure course content and study plans will achieve that goal for you.
      • If you need training urgently to prepare for a new role we can  work with you to find a time, place and course content for you.
      • If you have a group of staff who need the same training we can put on extra courses just for your company.
      • If you have a non-standard training requirement we can work with you meet it.
      • If you would prefer to have one to one training, just you and an instructor, we can do that.

      Whatever suits you and your business we can do. Just give us a call on 0118 979 4000 or email