2 Days

The course is intended for those who need to find out what UNIX is and where the different components are located, with a specific security objective in mind. In conjunction with an explanation of the technology, the prime risks and defences will be pointed out. Delegates who will benefit most from this course are typically computer auditors, security specialists and security conscious managers. The course also serves as a useful general introduction to UNIX.

Having acquired a high level understanding of UNIX, you will learn how to assess security hands on. All aspects are covered, both business and technical. You will hear commentary on certain real disasters that have happened to high profile companies in the past.

Planning for audits and discussion of suitable tests forms a substantial part of the course. Delegates will get a chance to run audit and security related commands. See what the administrators do. Find out how you could script your own TRIPWIRE.

Though the course is designed specifically for a SUN Solaris installation, it will serve as a good general overview for any flavour of UNIX.

Delegates should have had some experience of using UNIX beforehand and be able to enter simple shell commands, like 'ls' and 'more', in a terminal environment. Shell programming and C programming experience would be an advantage.

Wokingham - £745.00
Wokingham - £745.00
Wokingham - £745.00