PTR offer instructor-led classroom courses in modern Fortran. The courses build to provide a solid foundation of skills to start working with existing codes and progress to the more advanced capabilities of modern Fortran, including generic programming, object oriented programming, parameterised derived types, exception handling using the IEEE facilities, C interoperability and parallel programming.

Fortran is one of the oldest programming languages first developed way back in 1957 by a team of IBM developers and designed for powerful mathematical processing. The first standardised version of Fortran (ANSI standard) was named Fortran ‘66 (it was released in 1966). Fortran ‘77 came along in 1978, Fortran ‘90 released in 1990, then came along Fortran ‘95, Fortran 2005 and Fortran 2008.

The Fortran language is geared towards number crunching applications that employ complex mathematical functions and algorithms. It is widely used in scientific, mathematical, statistical and engineering environments.

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Duration Price (excl VAT) Oct 2017 Nov 2017 Dec 2017
Advanced Programming in Modern Fortran 5 Days £1,725.00 16 - 20 13 - 17 11 - 15
Introduction To Modern Fortran Programming 5 Days £1,725.00 16 - 20 13 - 17 11 - 15