We offer a comprehensive Power BI Training solution starting with an introductory Power BI course to get you familiar with the capabilities of the Power BI environment and up and running with building some impressive reports and dashboards consuming data from a variety of sources.

An important stage of developing a Power BI reporting and dashboard solution is preparing your business data so that it is fit for purpose. Data needs to be imported from a variety of data sources, it will then need to be profiled, cleansed and transformed, and possibly merged, concatenated or split to ensure that you have a reliable and quality data set to take forward to the building of your data visualisations. Once the data has been prepared then the data modelling task starts. This is where you pull your quality cleansed data sets in and build relationships between them in readiness for filtering and designing key business measures and hierarchies.

Power BI visuals (reports and dashboards) hold no business logic or calculations, they are the pretty, colourful bits of a Power BI reporting solution. All of the work requiring decisions on how data is related and categorised, all mathematical formulae that may be behind business measures that serve as critical business KPIs, all formatting requirements  are built into the model, leaving the visuals part of Power BI to focus on presenting the data and providing the filtering, slicing and dicing capabilities to enable business users to look at their business in the way that is important to them. DAX is the language used to build and extend your Power BI Tabular Model by creating Calculated Columns and Measures.

The Introduction to Power BI Course will introduce you to the Power BI solution architecture, the tools and functionality overview from Import to Model to Visuals, but from there our experience is that every client requirement is unique. Your data is not the same as someone else’s and different organisations face different challenges in preparing and modelling their data prior to building reports and dashboards. So where you go after your Power BI Introduction training should be driven by you and we offer two Advanced Power BI Training Courses as well as a bespoke/tailored service to create a custom course that suits your needs.

The Advanced Power BI Training Courses provide an in depth coverage of data cleansing and shaping, and advanced Tabular Modelling, and the DAX language itself.

All of our Power BI courses are delivered by experienced Power BI consultants and as such we can bridge the gap and take you from training to implementation with our scheduled training, bespoke training and consultancy services.