PTR specialise in UNIX and Linux offering insructor-led classroom training courses in Wokingham, London or on your site (scheduled, closed or tailored bespoke courses available). We offer training and consulting in topics including, but not limited to, UNIX and Linux basics, administration, performance & tuning, audit & security. Scheduled courses offered in Wokingham and London.

UNIX was first developed in 1969 by AT&T for a DEC PDP platform and throughout the 80s was ported to many different hardware platforms, made possible through licenses to the source code. AT&T also made their source code available to some US universities, one of which was Berkeley University, and they developed their instances of UNIX.

By the mid 80s there were two main variants of UNIX source code available to computer manufacturers:

  • System V Unix from AT&T
  • BSD Unix from Berkeley University

All of today’s UNIX implementations are derived from one of these. Virtually identical to the user, but some key differences in the startup/shutdown architecture. 


We offer a range of generic and variant specific UNIX training courses.



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