PTR offer a range of UNIX training courses covering everything from basics for beginners through to advanced UNIX configuration, shell scripting, performance monitoring and tuning. 

UNIX for beginners can be bewildering when faced with a command line and no windows graphical environment. Our UNIXFundamentals course will show you the ropes and get you going quickly with the basic commands needed to navigate your way round a UNIX file system and become familiar with the core set of UNIX commands to prepare you for working with UNIX systems in any capacity. 

UNIX administration can also be challenging for those who may be used to a more user friendly Windows experience. Our UNIX Administration course will prepare you for every day to day administration task.

The Shell Scripting course is perfect for you if you need to learn all about Korn Scripting or BASH scripting to enable you to automate UNIX administration tasks, build log monitoring tools, carry out complex data analysis tasks, or anything else that requires more than one command to do it.