How Do You Define a Message For An SSRS/ReportBuilder Report With No Rows?

Specifying a No Rows Message for an SSRS/Report Builder Report

I’m sure we have all come across a scenario where a parameter report has allowed a user to specify a combination of conditions that results in no matching records for a dataset behind a region in an SSRS report.

If the report has headers, footers or textboxes then there may be some output produced when the report is run to make it obvious that there is no valid data for the report, as in the following example:

But in the following example it is not clear that there is no data, it just looks like the report has not run:

The Tablix region has a “NoRowsMessage” property that can be set to a suitable message to display if a dataset returns no records:

Now when we run the report if a parameter value is specified that results in an empty dataset it will be obvious:

This is true for reports with and without report headers and footers:

I hope you have found this helpful.

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