5 Days

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the key features of modern Fortran including the Fortran base types, arithmetic, precision, arrays and whole array features, I/O, control stuctures, intrinsic and user defined functions, subroutines, modules, pointers and simple data structuring.

The course builds to provide a solid foundation of skills to start working with existing codes and to progress to the more advanced course.

On completion of the course delegates should be able to work with most existing Fortran codes.

Fortran is the main language for numeric computation, especially high performance computing, and over 80% of the workload on the UK's academic research supercomputers is written in Fortran.

The course is suitable for both complete beginners and people with some programming background.

Delegates should be comfortable with using a computer system running Unix, Linux or Windows and using a text editor.

Wokingham - £1,895.00
Wokingham - £1,895.00
Wokingham - £1,895.00
Wokingham - £1,895.00
Wokingham - £1,895.00