Microsoft Software Assurance Training Benefits

We are a Microsoft Learning Partner, so you can use your vouchers with us.

These electronic training vouchers are available to businesses enrolled into one of Microsoft’s Partner Programmes and entitle you to receive courses for a specified number of training days, on the subject of your choice. We provide in-depth technical courses, as well as those aimed at end-users.

Vouchers have the following benefits:

Skill Enhancement – improve productivity with training and support. Learn how to efficiently deploy, manage and support new software. End-users can improve productivity with their current software or get ready for new versions.

Reduce your training costs – because it’s included under the Software Assurance coverage, you can train with no impact on your budget.

Learning support – as a Microsoft Learning Partner, we can help create the best training strategy for you and your organisation and help you plan the most effective way toyou’re your training vouchers.

Guaranteed pricing – one training voucher equals one classroom-training day. A simple, fixed cost structure that is guaranteed.